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十大信誉网赌网站 Middle And Upper School Music

The musical arts are alive and well at 十大信誉网赌网站. Our Music Department offers Instrumental Music (Band) at the middle school level; Wind/Jazz Ensemble – Upper School Band and Vocal music (Chorus) combining middle and upper school. 

An understanding of music and experience in musical performance is essential to the well rounded development of children. 

Through the study of an instrument or voice, students discover and develop their potential for artistic/emotional expression. Musical studies develop not only their capacity for  abstract thinking but also their “emotional intelligence”, self confidence and  sensitivity not only to music and art but to the world around them.

Classes balance skill building with an exposure to music of varied styles and cultures . Students are given an historical background of the music they study affording them insights into how music is shaped by the cultures which produce it. They have opportunities to perform throughout the year at various events and school forums and ultimately present a concert in the spring.

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