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A student’s personal identifiable information (PII) cannot be sold or released for any commercial purposes;
Parents have the right to inspect and review the complete contents of their child’s education record;
州和联邦法律保护个人信息的机密性, 以及与行业标准和最佳实践相关的保障措施, 包括但不限于加密, 防火墙, 密码保护, 必须在数据存储或传输时到位;
A complete list of all student data elements collected is available for review by writing to the 资料保障主任 and CFO of 十大信誉网赌网站, 十大信誉网赌网站, 伍德米尔大道336号, Woodmere, NY 11598; and

投诉应以书面形式提交至私隐投诉处, 资料保障主任, 通过email accounting@Lawrencewoodmere.org或通过邮件十大信誉网赌网站336伍德米尔大道,伍德米尔,NY 11598.



  • 私隐及学生纪录:

The School will maintain written records of all suspensions and expulsions including the name of the student, 对所从事的行为的描述, 所采取的纪律处分, and a record of the number of days a student has been suspended or removed for disciplinary reasons.  This policy complies with schools being subject to the federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) that requires a school to protect a student’s privacy. “The School” will not disclose any information from the student’s permanent records except as authorized pursuant to FERPA, 或者是回应传票, 按照法律的要求. 18岁以下学生的家长或监护人, 或年满18岁的学生, is entitled to access to the student’s school records by submitting a written request to the Principal/Head of School. Further information concerning the disclosure of student information and limitations on such disclosure may be found in FERPA and the school’s FERPA policy.

家庭教育权 & 隐私法(FERPA) 

家庭教育权 & 隐私法(FERPA) is a Federal law designed to protect the privacy of a students’ education records. FERPA赋予父母关于子女教育记录的权利. 这些权利包括: 

  • Parents or eligible students have the right to inspect and review all of the student’s education records maintained by the School. 包含不止一名学生信息的记录, 家长将被限制在只有有关他/她的孩子的信息. 学校不需要提供教育记录材料的副本,除非, 因为距离太远等原因, 家长或符合条件的学生不可能查看记录. 学校可能会收取副本费用. 
  • Student records or other identifiable information are maintained in a secure location to ensure confidentiality. Records that are no longer required or need to be disposed will be done so in a manner that ensures confidentiality and security. 所有有关文件保存的法律都必须遵守.
  • Parents and eligible students have the right to request that a school correct records believed to be inaccurate or misleading. 如果学校决定不修改记录, 家长或符合条件的学生有权参加正式的听证会. 听证会结束后, 如果学校仍然决定不修改记录, the parent or eligible student has the right to place a statement with the record commenting on the contested information in the record. 
  • 一般, schools must have written permission from the parent or eligible student before releasing any information from a student’s record. 然而,法律允许学校在未经同意的情况下向以下各方披露记录: 








o Appropriate officials in cases of health and safety emergencies; and 


学校亦可披露, 不同意, “目录”类型的信息,如学生的姓名, address, 电话号码, 出生日期和地点, 荣誉及奖励, 以及出席日期. 

十大信誉网赌网站在家长综合手册中通知家长他们在FERPA下的权利, 哪些是每年更新和共享的.  关于为营销目的使用图像的家长选择退出的参考, 等内容包含在学费合同中.


  • 十大信誉网赌网站社交媒体政策 

“The School’s” staff members will treat professional social media space and communication like a classroom and/or a professional workplace. The same standards expected in a school setting are expected on the school social media site for all student activity and peer-to-peer interactions. 在学校或教室里被认为不合适的东西在网上是不合适的. Students are responsible for their own behavior when communicating with social media and will be held accountable for the content of the communications that they transmit or post. 学生有责任遵守“学校”的行为准则要求. 不当行为的例子包括但不限于: 

. Posting or publishing any insensitive or inappropriate information or content on any social media and viewing any insensitive or inappropriate social media content. 

. 通过个人社交媒体与老师或管理人员沟通. The only permissible electronic method of email communication with a teacher is through emailing the teacher or administrator at his or her School email account. 

. 在使用社交媒体时冒充或假设任何其他人的身份. 

. Posting or publishing any information about one’s self or another individual that is confidential or of a private nature. 这包括发布联系信息或任何其他私人信息. 

. 使用任何能够捕捉视频的设备, 图片, or audio to record or take 图片 of any other individual without express consent and permission and posting any 图片 taken in the school setting, 即使得到允许, 除非他们有教育关系. 

. Students must immediately comply with any request that offending materials be removed from any social media platform. 使用社交媒体是一种特权, 不是权利, and the violation of any provision of this policy will result in the restriction of a student’s social media access and/or the imposition of additional appropriate consequences–including both school-based consequences and referrals to law enforcement. 这一社交媒体政策适用于任何学生使用学校财产的时间, 在学校当局的监督下, or, 当社交媒体在校外使用时, 以一种影响学校社区的方式. Misuse of social media that impacts fellow students will be subject to school-based consequences whether student used it on or off school grounds.


  • FERPA:

FAMILY EDUCATION RIGHTS AND PRIVACY ACT (FERPA) FERPA is a federal law that gives parents certain rights regarding your scholar’s education records. 作为家长/监护人, you have the right to review your child’s education records or to request the amendment of records believed to be inaccurate or misleading. 学生档案是保密的, 除非家长同意,否则“学校”不会分享学生信息. If you have any questions regarding student records or more information about parent/guardian rights to records, 请与 家庭支持协调员或运营经理(或学校的负责人).


  • Lwa限制访问策略 

在学年的特定时间, it may become necessary for “The School” to temporarily or permanently limit the access of a visitor to the school building.  Limited access is warranted when a person’s conduct disrupts “The School’s” learning environment and/or places the safety of staff, 有风险的学生和/或其他家庭成员. 如果发生需要有限访问权限的事件, 我们会亲自通知有关家庭成员, 在可能的情况下, 在书面上. 有限访问函将概述该活动的性质, the start and end dates of the limited access and the terms and conditions for continued attendance of the visitor’s scholar.  在有限访问结束时, the visitor will either receive a letter indicating that the limited access has been rescinded or that additional conduct has required an extension of the limited access.